Leaders informed of harsh realities

Turaga ni Yavusa o Saunivalu Maikeli Dawai from Sikituru Village shares his thoughts during the Opposition leaders tour of Nadi. Picture: REPEKA NASIKO

Land use policies and unemployment were key issues raised with Opposition leaders during a tour of the Western Division this week.

In Nadi yesterday, the political party leaders were informed of the harsh realities that landowners and those working in the tourism sector had faced over the past six months.

Opposition and Social Democratic Liberal Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka said Sikituru villagers raised concerns on land ownership issues.

“We found this was one of our strongholds especially with the way the SVT (Soqosoqo ni Vakavulewa ni Taukei) party had dealt with their land in Denarau, and now with the current Government they saw a huge difference in how their concerns have been dealt with, and I see that there is a need to revive some of the past land legislations that governed the use of arable land,” he said.

“Visiting these communities and listening to their concerns about land ownership and tenancies it is something that we have been raising with Government.”

While addressing Sikituru villagers, Mr Rabuka said there was a need for collaboration to better serve Fijians.

He also said the 2020-2021 National Budget did not address the needs of the poor.

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