Lawyer applies to have former USP vice chancellor’s name struck out in civil case

THE judgment in the case of former vice chancellor for the University of the South Pacific, Professor Rajesh Chandra, will be delivered on December 12, 2018, by Justice Anjala Wati in the High Court in Suva.

The defendants in this matter are Mr Chandra and USP, and their lawyer is Hemen Nagin.

The plaintiff in the matter is Dr Dilawar Grewal, a former employee of USP, and he is represented by Peter Knight.

The mater was called this morning for a trial relating to a strike out application made by Mr Nagin to have Mr Chandra excluded from the proceedings because there were no claims against him.

Although Mr Grewal and his counsel were not present in court, Justice Wati continued with the proceedings.

Mr Nagin told the court that the dispute Mr Grewal had was against the university.

This matter was brought to court in 2016 when Mr Grewal sued Mr Chandra and USP for wrongfully terminating him.

Mr Grewal was terminated by the institution for breach of confidentiality and gross misconduct.

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