Launch of Vibe Collection | Unveiling the exclusive RAAVI

RAAVI Vibe Menswear collection at Eleve, Toorak Central. Picture: N STUDIOS MULTIMEDIA COMPANY

Invited dignitaries, glitterati and the elite corporate exuded the French Riviera vibe against the enchanting backdrop of Novotel Suva Lami Bay.

Twilight silhouettes, stunning colour palettes and a sterling runway performance by the Mata Dance Fiji set the perfect scene for the launch of RAAVI: Where lifestyle meets luxury with a socio eco-conscious vision.

“RAAVI” exclusive apparel line has drawn inspiration from Parisian street style and effortless chic trend. Minimalist, simple yet welldesigned outfits with clean lines are extremely sought after and resonates well with the French. Avaneesh Raman (commonly known as Avi) is a privileged interlocutor of the Ambassade de France aux Fidji in Suva and part of a creative group of social innovators.

Inspired by the French language, culture and dressing sense, Avi literally romanticised France and envisioned a men’s apparel line.

His vision resonated with Ranjeeta Mishra (commonly known as Rani), an inspiring womanpreneur and a lifestyle trailblazer.

With a shared vision, Rani and Avi curated RAAVI: Where lifestyle meets luxury with a socio eco-conscious vision.

RAAVI is a socio eco-conscious business incubator model under the “A Connection” brand which has to-date 27,000 plus viewership globally across all continents.

The aim of this business incubator model is to educate, empower and enrich local talents especially womanprenuers engaged in small medium enterprises.

Whether it’s Paris, Milan or New York, unquestionably brighter shade apparel is trending and its more stylish than ever.

Dopamine dressing is spiralling and one cannot deny the fact that wearing a color you adore, can calm your nerves, uplift your mood and boost your self-confidence.

The psychology of colours is intertwined with specific emotions.

Therefore, the teaser drop of the inaugural “Vibe collection” under the “RAAVI” exclusive apparel line showcases an array of six shades associated with varied emotions.

Each shade has been chosen selectively based on the respective personalities exuding the confidence Vibe of the RAAVI talent crew.

The entire Vibe collection has been sewn from scratch by a seamstress who operates a small tailoring business.

She is as equally visionary as the RAAVI executive directors and together they have created magic in designing the inaugural Vibe Collection.

The socio eco-conscious pillar of RAAVI is anchored on locally led, locally sourced with sustainability at its core.

The entire clothing line contains no sublimation and dyes and the fabric has been carefully selected to ensure comfort whilst being ethically sourced.

The choice of linen fabric particularly for the tropical climate in Fiji is because it is lightweight and breathes well.

Linen fabrics made from linen fibres is extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. It absorbs moisture well and dries quickly.

The Vibe Men’s collection, in particular, has been styled specifically for a targeted clientele with a frantic lifestyle.

Sparing the hassle of commuting from office to home to dress up for an evening function, the 4 outfits designed for the men’s collection can be styled in multiple ways.

From a high-end corporate boardroom look to a chic evening vibe, the classy gentleman can comfortably don the RAAVI attire from dawn to dusk.

The launch of RAAVI on June 1, 2023 was styled with a French fusion from the dress theme, French Riviera to the performance of Mata Dance Fiji to an upbeat French music.

France is synonymous with the best of brands from apparel to cosmetics which are trending and retailing globally.

The Parisian dressing sense is entrenched on understated elegance and sophistication combined with comfort and practicality and that is exactly what RAAVI is introducing in Fiji.

The art of chic dressing which requires minimal effort and accessories equates to vintage pieces that will last for a number of years in your wardrobe.

The Vibe collection of RAAVI embodies sustainability, bold colours, retro styles, minimalism and simplicity for everyone to embrace.

The talent crew of RAAVI are not your usual models off the runway.

RAAVI has provided a platform to six individuals whose contagious energy resounded with the Vibe collection.

Each garment under the Vibe collection was tailored in mind with the personalities of the talent crew who are respected corporate professionals.

The intention was to make their skin smile literally when they are wearing RAAVI with pride which has been reflected most perfectly in the respective photoshoots displayed on the website of RAAVI.

The RAAVI team is grateful to PROUDS Fiji Limited for collaborating in styling the exclusive photoshoots.

Statement accessories including Prada eyewear, Mont Blanc leather bags, Jimmy Choo clutches which are exclusively available at Prouds Fiji Ltd.

The accessories perfectly complemented the Vibe Lifestyle. No matter how casual an outfit is, using statement accessories to your advantage elevates an outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

The Vibe lifestyle portrayed in the exclusive photoshoots is aimed to inspire individuals to manifest the lifestyle which they desire and tailor their wardrobe accordingly to reflect their personality.

From the boardroom looks at Toorak Central, a gentlemen’s pampering session at Nailed IT to dressing up after a therapeutic spa session at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort and Spa, the Vibe lifestyle resonates with the RAAVI exclusive apparel line.

RAAVI is a unique offering in the market whereby you can directly consult Avi and Rani via the website: https://raavifj. or email address to style your entire look for any occasion.

Be rest assured that each outfit will be designer exclusive and unique.

The launch event on June 1, 2023 would not have been possible without the support of collaborators and the RAAVI team are truly grateful for the partnerships: Prouds Fiji Ltd, Novotel Suva Lami Bay, The Fiji Times Pte Ltd, Ambassade de France aux Fidji, Fiji Water, N Studio Multimedia Company, Toorak Central, Nailed It, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, Redox Print and Promotion, The Edge Fiji, Profile Productions and Mata Dance Group.

We invite future collaborators to connect with us as we unveil the next collection prior to the end of 2023. Follow the social media pages of RAAVI for exclusive updates: Facebook & Instagram

• AVANEESH RAMAN is the content curator of blog The A Connection – https:// theaconnection.blogspot. com/. The views expressed in this article are his and may not necessarily be shared by this newspaper. For more, log on to

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