Landslide forces road closure in the North

Landslide at Transinsular Road. Picture: SUPPLIED

LANDSLIDE in parts of Cakaudrove has closed off certain roads in the area.

The road at Jerusalemi Village, near Savusavu Town, that was closed to all traffic earlier this morning due to landslide, has now been cleared and open to single lane traffic.

The Buca Bay Road from Navonu to Loa and Napuka area remains closed due to another landslide caused by heavy rain.

The Fiji Roads Authority, in a statement said that teams have been deployed to both sites to assess the situation.

“It is vital to ensure the safety of the public and we will open single lane access once it is deemed safe.”

The following roads in the North remain closed:

– Navukuru Crossing – JNC Suweni/Nakorotari Road, Navakuru, Macuata

– Nakelikoso Crossing on Nakelikoso Road, Macuata

– Lagalaga Flats on Wainikoro Road, Macuata

– Qeleimumu Crossing on Coqeloa Road, Macuata

– Vunivutu Flats past village on Vunivutu Road

– Daku Hill on Wainikoro Road

– Emily Flat on Siberia Road, Labasa

– Nayarabale Road

– Waibula Crossing on North Coastal Road, Taveuni

– Bagata Bridge on Vunivesi Road, Cakaudrove

– Nadavaci Crossing on Valavala Natewa Road, Cakaudrove

Roads fully open

– Dreketilailai Crossing on Bulileka Road, Macuata

– Qawa Crossing on Qawa Road, Macuata

– Urata Crossing on Urata Road, Macuata

– Boca Loop Road, Macuata

– Line Point Flata on Namoli Road, Macuata

– Papalagi Flats on Vunivutu Road

Roads open to 4×4 only

– Namuavoivoi on Namuavoivoi Road, Bua

– Daku School Frontage on Wainikoro Road

– Past Zailav Crossing, Vunivere Circular, Macuata

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