Landowners who step into commercial farming will be assisted: Reddy

Students from Korovou Primary School with the Cocoa on display during the Cocoa day celebration at Gatward park in Korovou. Picture: RAMA

LANDOWNERS have been told that the Ministry of Agriculture will support their step into commercial farming provided they commit themselves to the initiative.

Speaking to farmers and landowners from Korovou and nearby areas at the Cocoa Day celebrations today, Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy said the ministry would help farmers clear their land, make farm access roads and provide them with seeds and equipment to start their farms.

“We will also find markets for you and buy the produce from you but you will also have to do your part and sign a contract that you will continue with commercial farming,” Dr Reddy said.

He said the ministry would not invest in subsistence farming and advised the farmers not to ask for assistance if they were planning on doing leisure farming.

He added their strategy was to move away from subsistence farming into commercial farming.

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