Lalauvaki murder trial: Sixth State witness testifies

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THE sixth State witness in a trial involving two former police officers who are accused of murder informed the court that she was upset and distracted by one of the women who was drunk and swearing at the police officers in the early hours on September 2 last year.

During the trial today before judge Justice Vinsent Perera, Woman Sergeant Laniana Mudunavosa told Kelepi Duri Tautaumacala Kolinisau’s lawyer during cross-examination that the woman swearing and screaming got her attention.

Earlier during the examination in chief by State lawyer Meli Vosawale, Ms Mudunavosa said she was in the office on the morning of September 2 when she heard a lady swearing for a few minutes.

She told the court that she got irritated and she could hear the lady swearing at the police officers about their work.

She said she personally went to check from the balcony outside the office and then saw the lady swearing.

She told the court that the swearing was coming from the Totogo Police Station carpark where a vehicle was parked.

She said she could not recall how many people she saw standing near the vehicle, however, she only saw the lady standing with another woman.

She also said that the two ladies had been brought in the vehicle by the operation team that was on duty that night.

She then said she later found out that the two accused persons’ present in court with few others had brought in the two women.

She told the court that she could not recall seeing other occupants in the vehicle.

When crossed examined by Selema Tikoenaburevere’s lawyer Akuila Naco, whether the woman screaming on top of her voice while being at the police station constituted an offence, Ms Mudunavosa responded yes.

Mr Kolinisau and Mr Tikoenaburevere are alleged to have murdered Joseua Lalauvaki following an altercation outside a Suva nightclub on September 2 last year.

Lalauvaki died at the CWM hospital on October 11, 2018, from injuries allegedly sustained as a result of police assaults.

The trial continues next Monday with the seventh State witness taking the stand.

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