Lalauvaki murder trial: Murder accused denies punching deceased

Former policeman Kelepi Kolinisau at the Magistrates Court in Suva. Picture: Vishaal Kumar

KELEPI Duri Tautaumacala Kolinisau, who is one of the two former police officers accused of murdering Joseua Lalauvaki, told the court he had never touched, punched or stomped the deceased.

Mr Kolinisau and Selema Tikoenaburevere are charged with the murder of Lalauvaki.

While giving evidence as the first defence witness during the trial at the High Court in Suva yesterday, Mr Kolinisau told the court that he and Mr Tikoenaburevere were part of the drug unit on the night of September 1, 2018.

Mr Kolinisau said while on duty along Victoria Pde in Suva, Mr Tikoenaburevere received a call from a police officer close to a nightclub in the vicinity for help.

He said when he reached the nightclub, they were told to load four drunkards into the vehicle as they were involved in a fight outside the nightclub.

He said while they were taking the four to Totogo Police Station, one of them, a female, tried to stand up and jump out of the vehicle.

He said the team made another stop in front of a nightclub along Victoria Pde as the same female again stood up and tried to pull the collar of his T-shirt.

He told the court when they reached Totogo, he took Lalauvaki’s friend to the charge room.

He also told the court that he was punched on the nose by Lalauvaki while escorting him.

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