Lal set for Samoa

JOINING the sport of powerlifting was not in the books for Areesha Lal but when the chance came she grabbed it and earned herself a spot for the upcoming Pacific Games.

Lal will be making her Pacific Games debut next month as she joins Team Fiji to Samoa.

The 26-year-old said she joined the sport as a pastime which then lead her to compete in various local tournaments.

“I was really obese from the start so I got into fitness just to lose weight and probably fit into society and that was when I met a friend who does powerlifting and he introduced me to it. It was basically just the idea of being strong and healthy that made me interested.

“A year and a half ago I started to take it seriously when local competition meets were being held and I was encouraged to take part in them. It was all fun and games from the start and now I am taking it rather seriously,” said Lal.

The Tamavua lass said she did not know what to expect at the Pacific Games but would try her best with the opportunity she was given.

“This is my first Pacific Games and first international tournament in general so hopefully I perform better than what I have done so far and get a medal for Fiji.

“The idea of representing the country in an international meet for the first time feels great and I am also leaving the country soon so this will be something I can remember and do my best in,” said Lal.

As a lawyer, Lal had found it difficult to cope with both work and training but has overcome challenges in her preparation for the Pacific Games.

“One of my main challenges mostly is the work life and having to balance work with training, but I have managed to balance both in these preparations for the games,” she said.

“I like to push myself generally and the sport of powerlifting has helped me to do just that. I am sure I will go a long way with this sport and most definitely will continue after I leave the country,” Lal added.

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