Kumar: It’s time to give way

President of Senior Citizen’s Foundation Lautoka and Sugar Festival Committee member Pusp Raj meets with Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Premila Kumar during a break at the Township Festival Meeting at Tanoa International in Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH/FILE

SOME people have been in festival and pageant committees for too long and need to give way to young people with new ideas.

This was Local Government Minister Premila Kumar’s message to municipal council heads and festival committee organisers at a special meeting convened in Nadi on Saturday.

“I think if you ask the public, they are simply fed up of the way we are organising our festivals,” she said.

“It’s the same old, same old and no creativity. And one of the reasons why there is no creativity, with due respect, I must say there are some people who have been in committees for far too long.

“They remain the chairperson, the secretary and the treasurer.

“How can we engage the business community, tourism associations, community members that live in our cities and towns and how can we engage the students.

“There are lots of ladies in villages and settlements who produce beautiful products – how do we give them a platform during festivals to come on board and sell Fiji-made stuff.”

She said festivals needed to move away from the same types of food and rides.

“Cities in the rest of the world are competing for big events – for sports and music festivals and bid for almost everything. What are our towns and cities doing? We have not moved beyond festivals or beauty pageants.”

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