Konrote stresses importance of healthy lifestyle to students

President Jioji Konrote and students during the planting of 10 dilo trees at the Rotuma High School. Picture: SUPPLIED

STUDENTS of Rotuma Primary School and Rotuma High School have been urged to live a healthy lifestyle.

President Jioji Konrote and Fiji’s champion on the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases while beginning his tour on the island of Rotuma on Friday stressed the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

“My advice to you is go to urge your parents to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Tell your dad to plant more tavioka and dalo and rely less on preserved food products. Dr. Isimeli Tukana and I are championing the fight against NCD. We all need to put in a concerted effort to address this growing issue of NCDs,” Mr Konrote said.

Meanwhile Mr Konrote, First Lady Sarote Konrote, together with the Commissioner Eastern Luke Moroivalu and other government officials received a warm reception by the Chairman of the Rotuma Island Council Gagaj Kauseraf upon their arrival at the Rotuma Airport.

Gagaj Kauseraf told Mr Konrote that the Chiefs of the seven districts of Rotuma warmly welcome one of their successful sons back to the island and have pledged their support for various initiative Mr Konrote will be undertaking in Rotuma during his tour.

Mr Konrote with the support of the representative of the Ministry of Forestry and the Commissioner Eastern enthusiastically planted 10 dilo trees at the Rotuma High School compound in support of the International Day of Forests which will be commemorated on the March 21, 2019 nationwide, following which he spoke to the students on the sustainable management of forest in our country.

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