Koio wins inaugural Wailoku 7s title


THE Koio rugby team came out victorious against Savura in the final of the Wailoku 7s tournament at the Wailoku settlement grounds in Suva yesterday.

Koio beat Savura 14-7 to win the inaugural event. Tournament organiser Joe Lauvanua said the event was organised to help fundraise for the land rent in the Wailoku settlement.

“The tournament is being organised by out trustees, the Wailoku Land Board of Trustees to just assist us to raise money on our land rent. We have an annual lease of $60,000 that we need to pay and at the moment we still have some arrears so this is what this fundraising tournament is for,” said Lauvanua

Lauvanua said the response from the villagers and teams from other areas out of Wailoku had been positive and they hoped this would be the beginning of many more tournaments to come.

“We are very impressed with the outcome after day two because we have had teams from outside as well to help contribute to our fundraising tournament and they have come to also compete here.

“We were able to secure 16 teams although we had more teams wanting to register but it has been a successful one and we hope to hold more in the future,” said Lauvanua.

Results: Koio 1 12-7 Vataleka, Qauia Boys 5-0 Wakura Boys, Vataleka 14-7 Wakura Boys, Koio 24-17 Qauia Boys, Vataleka 14-12 Qauia Boys, Koio 7-0 Wakura Boys, Marata 12-5 Wairua Blacks, Stripling Warrior 0-0 Tacirua Lebadamu, Wairua Blacks 0-5 Tacirua Lebadamu, Marata 7-19 Stripling Warrior, Marata 5-24 Tacirua Lebadamu, Namadi 15-5 Biliwai, Maniava 5-12 Matata Youths, Biliwai 0-0 Matata Youths, Namadi 26-0 Maniava, Maniava 0-22 Biliwai, Namadi 12-5 Matata Youths, Koio 12-14 Bali, Stripling Warrior 12-14 Bali, Savura 21-17 Koio, Koio 5-17 , Stripling Warrior, Savura 12-7 Bali, Koio 12-5 Stripling Warrior, Tacirua Lebadamu 26-0 Vataleka, Namadi 14-7 Bali, Savura 12-0 Biliwai.

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