Kiribati Ministers promote Japan trade with PIC

TOKYO, 02 JULY 2019 (PACIFIC PERISCOPE) – Kiribati has had a long trade relationship with Japan, in which the Pacific Islands Centre (PIC), the Tokyo-based trade and investment facilitation organisation of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), has been regularly involved over the years.

One 10 June, Atarake Nataara, Minister of Commerce, Industry & Co-operatives of Kiribati visited PIC’s offices in Tokyo to discuss strengthening the trade and investment relationship between the two countries. Tessie Eria Lambourne, Ambassador of Kiribati in the Republic of China, accompanied him.

Nataara and Lambourne exchanged views with PIC on the relationship between Kiribati and Japan as well as approaches for bilateral trade expansion.

Christmas Island Salt is a famous product of Kiribati and has been exported to Japan for some time now.

However, Kiribati has other products such as coconut oil and coconut syrup that has high potential for export to Japan.

The small Pacific atoll nation exports some quantities of fish and coconut products to Japan and European countries.

With a strong intention to encourage Japanese people to try these wholesome products, PIC suggested them to participate in trade exhibitions, which is an effective opportunity to introduce Pacific Islands’ products to Japan.

PIC also recommended them to disseminate information of Kiribati in the fields of trade, investment and tourism as a crucial strategy for developing business in the future, while expressing its determination for further collaboration and future cooperation on delivering message and information on Kiribati as much as possible.

In June 2018, Minister Nataara visited Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s Auckland offices during an official visit to New Zealand along with Kammari Betiota, Director of Business Regulatory Centre.

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