Khan wary of Rodu’s influence

The Suva football side. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

Suva Football head coach Babz Khan is keeping his cards close to his chest as they prepare for the resumption of the Vodafone Premier League.

Suva is scheduled to play an unpredictable Rewa outfit which is under the guidance of former national football player and coach Marika Rodu. “Rewa is Rewa,” Khan said.

“Rodu is back and he is one of the best coaches in Fiji and I am sure he will have a few tricks up his sleeve.”

Khan said he was happy with the status of his players after returning from the three-month stoppage because of the COVID-19 pandemic and after a friendly match against Nadi last week to be able to set a platform for the side.

“Our officials looked after us during COVID-19 and made sure we didn’t stay hungry and that our pay were going to the bank.

Despite the wet weather, the Suva pack continued training at Bidesi Grounds on Wednesday with notable faces vying for a spot including Beniamino Mateinaqara, Nickel Chand, Filipe Baravilala, Manasa Levaci and overseas exponents Michael Boso of the Solomon Islands and Jibola Afonja from Nigeri.

“We played two warm-up matches against Nadi over the weekend and we were able to gauge the players. The onus now is to continue to get the players physically fit.”

With the venue yet to be finalised for next week’s game, Khan has called on Suva fans to support their team.

“We urge our fans to come in numbers and get behind their team.” Suva will play Rewa next Sunday, July 19.

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