Kadavu farmer reports damage to yaqona farm

Lawaki Village in Kadavu was flooded last week as storm surge brought sea water to the village. Picture : SUPPLIED .

THE recent adverse weather conditions have devastated yaqona farms in the village of Lawaki in Kadavu.

According to Timoci Naudolu, 54, his yaqona farm was one of the farms that were destroyed during the prevailing wet weather spell.

“I’ve lost around $10,000 when my yaqona farm was destroyed in the recent bad weather,” Mr Naudolu said.

“As you know that yaqona farming is quite hard so now I have to start from scratch.”

The father of five said most families in the village depended on yaqona farming as their main source of income.

“There was a huge flood that affected homes and people were forced to move out of their homes.”


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