IWF 2019: Vietnam wins first gold medal

Vietnam's Khong My Phuong wins his country's first gold at the 2019 IWF junior Weightlifting championships in SUva, Fiji. Picture: PAULINI CURUQARA

VIETNAM won their first gold medal to Khong My Phuong with 168 points in the women’s 45kg category during the 2019 IWF Junior Weightlifting championships.

The second place was also won by Vietnam’s Pham Dinh Thi with 164 points.

The third place was won by Dogan Ayse of Turkey with 151 points.

In the snatch, Khong scored 74 points and 84 points in the clean and jerk.

Pham scored 69 points in the snatch and 85 in the clean and jerk.

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