IWD: Woman delivers reflection at church service

Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau assists in the Holy Communion during the International Women's Day church service at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva today. Picture: RAMA

To mark international women’s day, Mere Fong was given the opportunity to deliver the reflection before a packed mass to mark International Women’s Day at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva today.

The reflection according to the church’s tradition is usually delivered by the male priests of the church, which was similar to the homily or the sermon.

Ms Fong said she felt weak in her knees when she was informed by the church priests that she had been appointed to deliver the reflection.

“In creation, there should be order and balance because God created the world, there is harmony amongst all of his creation. There is balance also in how he created men and women,” she said.

“This is the first time for the church to have a female deliver the reflection because this part of the mass is always delivered by the priests after the Bible reading is delivered. To be given the opportunity to preach is a blessing and a humbling experience.”

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong said everyone was made in the likeness of God and we should complement each other.

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