Investments in education will benefit future generations: Nagata

Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Alipate Nagata addresses students, teachers and parents at Namoli Village in Navosa. Picture: SUPPLIED

INVESTMENT by school committees, and parent and teachers association will benefit future generations, says Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Alipate Nagata.

Officiating as chief guest at a fundraising drive for Sacred Heart Primary School held at Namoli Village in Navosa, Mr Nagata said such investments were like planting a seed that would grow into fruition later in its life.

“When we invest, we are planting a seed that in many ways will grow and bring into existence what we have planned. To invest in school infrastructure means that we are working towards the future of education and will bring about positive results in the future for our children,” he said.

Encouraging parents, Mr Nagata said such events also encouraged a good relationship between parents and teachers, founded on the dynamics for good school management.

“I am glad that you are investing in the future of your children and more significantly is your collaboration to focus on the future of education here in Namoli Village,” he said.

“Government encourages self-help projects and will step in to assist those who have initiated the first move to bring such projects into reality.”

Mr Nagata said the Government had introduced various initiatives to ensure Fijian children received a good education and the obligation was on parents to ensure children attended school.

He said such initiatives by Government also challenged parents to find other means to contribute to the education of their children.

“We have taken the first step by prioritising education and expanding access to the less fortunate, especially in the outer islands and rural areas. Being in the highlands of Navosa does not mean that you are left out.

“We will leave no one behind and giving the children free education is one way of showing that we care but the onus in on you to rise up and do your part.

“Your fundraising drive to invest in your school projects shows that you care for the education of your children and I commend you for that.”

“On its part, Government will continue to empower people and ensure Fijians are on a level playing field through an accessible and better education sector.”

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