Investigators reminded to perform duty to the best of their ability

Participants at the Criminal Investigations Department Symposium. Picture: FIJI POLICE FORCE

Participants at the Criminal Investigations Department Symposium were reminded to perform their duties to the best of their abilities with integrity, dignity, and professionalism.

Acting Chief Justice Kamal Kumar while delivering his closing remarks at the symposium at Pearl Resort in Deuba yesterday afternoon said investigators played an important role in the Criminal Justice System.

“You are the ones who collect evidence, contact witnesses at first instances, and lay charges if evidence calls for it. The prosecution then runs cases based on evidence collected by the Investigating officer,” Mr Kumar said.

While he shared some of the weaknesses that have been found which is why cases were withdrawn in court, he also stressed to investigators that society nowadays are educated and well versed with their human rights.

Not only that as non-Government organizations go about ensuring the public knows and exercises their rights when dealing with a legal institution like the Force, FICAC, and even Courts.

“No one can expect you to be 100 per cent perfect and become a superhuman being. But all we expect is that you can stand up and perform your duties better than yesterday. Always remember that we must not lose sight of the fact that traditional ways of carrying out investigations and dealing with the accused are becoming a thing of the past.”

While acknowledging the hard work performed by investigators he also thanked the contributions made by Australia and New Zealand counterparts.

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