Initiative to give food to 9000

TISI Sangam CEO Jai Narayan. Picture: SUPPLIED.

More than 9000 students will not have to worry about lunch after the TISI Sangam Fiji launches its school lunch program tomorrow, July 8, 2020.

TISI Sangam Fiji CEO Jai Narayan said preparations were in progress to cater for students from 22 primary and five secondary schools.

“At the moment we are all just preparing for the program launch which will begin this Wednesday,” he said.

“All of the schools and students are aware that they will be served lunch and we are expecting to cater for more than 9000 students.

“The lunch program was designed to help students whose parents have been struggling to send them to school because they don’t have lunch for them.

“This will be one burden less for their parents.”

He said while the program was expected to assist many households, some of their schools were already providing free food to their students before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Aside from this, our staff at Nadi Sangam had set up a breakfast corner after they found out some of their students were not attending class because they didn’t have food at home. So on their own, some of our staff were already helping students.”

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