I thought he was dead, says mum

Ana Vatutila at Saweni in Lautoka. She says she is adamant her son is telling the truth. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE parents of a 13-year-old boy who claimed he was drugged and almost abducted by a group of men last Saturday at Saweni near Lautoka are hoping that the perpetrators will soon be brought to justice.

Ana Vatutila says she thought her son was dead when his motionless body was carried into their home last Saturday.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, Mrs Vatutila and her husband Sitiveni Cagilaba are adamant that their son is telling the truth and they fear for the safety of other children in Fiji.

“I saw him and thought he was dead because his body was all black and cold,” she said.

Mrs Vatutila said her son had completed his chores in the afternoon and she rewarded him by giving him money which he said he would use to buy something from a nearby store.

“He was here with his other siblings and he asked me to go to the shop to buy something for himself so I allowed him to because he had finished all his household chores.

“I was surprised when he was carried back motionless by his uncle. I didn’t know what to do because it all happened within minutes.”

The boy claimed he was on his way to the store when he met friends from the neighbourhood and they decided to play in a makeshift park beside the Queens Rd.

“He said two Asian men came up the road and wanted him to take a picture with them, so he did,” Mr Cagilaba claimed.

“The two Asian men asked him to take them to the nearest bus shelter and he did and they rewarded him with a lolly.

“He came home eating that lolly and then he went back to play with the kids.

“He said when they were playing they saw a white vehicle approach.

“My son said when the door of the vehicle opened, an iTaukei man was inside the vehicle trying to pull him in. “He said he saw another Asian man inside the vehicle dressed up in surgery clothes holding an injection.

“My son said he managed to escape by biting the hand of the iTaukei man.

“He said while he was running away he felt dizzy and he ran down a road where he collapsed.

“Luckily there was a lot of traffic and people who were going by saw him lying motionless there.

“My uncle was returning from the shop and when he saw a lot of people gathered there, he went and identified my son and brought him home.

“When he came home, his body was all black and cold, I thought he was going to die.

“We are so happy that he is alive and we will keep a very close watch on him and all our kids from now on.

“When we went to the hospital we were told that he was overdosed with drugs. “We don’t want any other parent to go through this.”

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