‘I still get nightmares’

Kalara Derederenalagi- the late Merelesita Lutu’s schoolmate - with a friend Lolohea Maramanisautu at the Fiji Times office yesterday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

“I STILL get nightmares.”

That has been part of Kalara Derederenalagi’s life for the past year.

A fourth year aviation student, Ms Derederenalagi was one of the two aviation students who were on the Pacific Flying School Cessna 172 flight before it crashed at mount Delaikoro in Macuata on this day last year.

The fateful crash claimed the lives of aviation student Merelesita Salau Lutu and flight instructor Iliesa Tawalo.

“We did everything together and most of the time I still get nightmares, especially during Christmas and New Year — I kept thinking about them,” she said.

“I would have left school, but I’m doing this for them.”

For the Lutu family, life hasn’t been the easiest since the loss of their “baby”, Salau as she was fondly known to them.

“Her absence in our daily lives is a reminder of the huge space that now fills our family since her passing,” her sister Ulamila Lutu said.

“Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an awful thing for anyone to endure and even though it’s part of life, it never is easy especially when it’s someone so close or who passed so young, like Salau.”

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