Hope for Fijians to come forth with crucial consumer issues

Guests and students at the World Consumer Rights Day celebrations at USP in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED

PERMANENT Secretary for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Shaheen Ali hopes Fijians will use today’s platform to bring to the forefront crucial consumer issues and seek changes where needed.

Fijians gathered at the University of the South Pacific in Suva today to commemorate World Consumer Rights Day with the theme ‘Trusted Smart Products’.

WCRD is celebrated annually on March 15 and also marks the date in 1962 when the late American President, John F Kennedy, first defined consumer rights.

Speaking at today’s celebration, Mr Ali said the emergence of smart products brought many opportunities for consumers, access to new services, more responsive products and greater convenience and choice.

“It is also important to note that smart products are no longer limited to handheld devices, tablets and desktops with internet connection,” he said.

“Now whilst these advancements tend to make our life a lot easier, there are significant causes of concern with products on the IoT. These include a potential lack of security, privacy and meaningful choice over how we use the products, as well as a lack of clarity on who is responsible if things go wrong.”

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