Ho salutes all sports administrators

2018 Fiji Sports Administrator of the year Anthony Ho receives his award at the sports awards night. Picture: RAMA

THE Oceania Table Tennis president and 2018 Fiji Sports Administrator of the year Anthony Ho salutes all sports administrators for their silent hard work that reveals the progressive outcome of a sport locally and international scenes.

Ho dedicated his achievement to all sports administrators that have worked behind the scenes to make everything possible for the athletes to achieve their achievements.

“I’ve been with table tennis administrations for the past 15 years and it’s a very silent work behind the scenes and I think a lot of sports are starting to recognize and we play a really big role in the success of the team and the growth in the standard of all sports,” said Ho.

“I dedicate this to all the sports administrators that worked so hard, don’t get paid and what we’ve done to table tennis in Fiji has pushed the sport to be recognized worldwide and for that I have been selected to be part of something bigger in the region and the world.

Ho used to be the president of the Fiji table tennis with positive outcomes in the sports leading to international exposure and attracting world staged events of the sport to be held in Fiji.

“Every good sport needs to have a sustainable administrative capacity so it’s very important that we ensures it continues to attract new people coming in and to make sure that the sport doesn’t drop in its standard,” Ho said.

“In 2018 table tennis Fiji has gone very commercial, we’ve employed full time people in operations, at high performance development, in communications to make sure it is known worldwide and we want to raise the bar further after the international forum in a few weeks’ time in Fiji.

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