Gunman open fires in Christchurch mosques; Multiple deaths reported

New Zealand Police rescue a man from the mosque where the shooting took place in Christchurch. Picture: RNZ

MULTIPLE deaths have been reported as gunshots were fired in two mosques near Hagley Park in Christchurch, New Zealand.

According to reports by New Zealand media, at least 30 people have been injured or killed by the gunman at the mosque.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush has confirmed that one person has been taken into custody but he is unsure if there were others involved.

Fiji Muslim League general manager Al Moiz said they were aware of the incident but they would release a public disclosure later.

According to Mr Moiz, they have been in contact with Kiwi nationals of the Muslim faith residing in Christchurch but will speak further after gathering all information.

Fijian and current Christchurch resident Roland Koroi said the atmosphere in Christchurch right now was nervy and he and his family had locked themselves indoors.

“We live in Hornby, which is about 15 minutes from the shooting site and cop cars shooting around our hood with a helicopter. Not sure if something else happened here or if maybe a suspect is around here,” Mr Kori told Fiji Times Online.

Mr Koroi said his two kids were in a lockdown at a school near his house but he managed to get them home.

“Schools on lockdown but I went and pulled them out anyway,” he said.

Reports suggest that the gunman is an Australian.

A video footage is also making the rounds on social media believed to have been taken by the gunman as he live-streamed the shooting.

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