Full pay for teachers taking overseas holidays

Minister for Education Rosy Akbar during an question and answer session at the Heads of School Meeting for Tavua, Ba and Nadarivatu in Ba. Picture: REPEKA NASIKO

TEACHERS who went on overseas trips last year during the school break will receive their full pay once they resume work, says Minister for Education Rosy Akbar.

While speaking to heads of schools from the Tavua, Ba and Nadarivatu districts yesterday, she said the practice was not new.

“Please tell your teachers if they had gone on overseas leave, they will receive their full pay once they resume work,” she said.

“There was close to 900 teachers that went on overseas trips last year.

“That is a good thing and we won’t stop you from enjoying your holidays overseas because it shows how much we have evolved.

“But if you want to receive your full pay, you have to send your resumption letters to us on the day that you resume work.

“This isn’t a new policy. It has always been the norm even when I was a teacher.”

She added the ministry was also working to address teachers facing contract issues.

“Secondly, those with contract issues and those who have not returned their contracts to us, we are processing manual pay for them.

“They will have received their pay until January 7.

“Heads of schools should know which teachers have received their portion pay until that date.

“Right now, as and when we have received their contracts, we will manually process their pay for them.

“This is the first time we are doing this. The manual pay will be deposited directly into their account.”

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