French navy vessel patrols Fiji’s waters

The French naval ship 'La Moqueuse' docked at the Port of Suva. Picture: JOSEFA BABITU

THE French and Fijian governments have strengthened their relationship to ensure Fiji’s waters are safe from drug traffickers and illegal fishers.

This was highlighted by the commanding officer of the visiting French navy vessel La Moqueuse, Yoawn Jose Maria, adding that it was important to safeguard the Pacific Ocean as it had become a way for illegal doers.

“For drug trafficking, it depends on the intelligence we share with all our allies like Australia, the United States and all the areas we cover like here in the South Pacific,” he said.

“For fishing, it depends on the seasons for fishing activities –– this is where fishers come into our oceans.

“We patrol oceans and exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of countries to ensure that they do not cross the line.

“This boat will be replaced next year by a newer one, but it will not hinder our operation in the Pacific.”

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