FRA to continue with road works as weather improves

Road works along the Kings Road. Picture: FT FILE

FIJI Roads Authority (FRA) CEO Jonathan Moore says now that the weather has improved, they will be working continuously to bring the road condition under control.

“Deterioration in many areas following the prolonged period of heavy rainfall has resulted in inevitable potholes. In many locations, the deterioration is so progressed that we can no longer maintain the serviceable road through potholes repairs and we will now have carry out sectional carriageway repairs,” Mr Moore said in a statement.

“However, we cannot carry out sectional carriageway repairs on the worst affected areas until we have a clear four-lane route along Kings Road from Rewa Bridge to Nakasi, as this would result in even worse congestion and disruption that is currently being experienced,” he added.

In addition to the 4-lane project work between Rewa Bridge and Nakasi, the FRA has directed its contractors to reconstruct the asphalt pavement at the Rewa Bridge approach roundabout (Suva-side) and to carry out improvement on Kings Road between Nakasi Road and Vishnu Deo Road.

He said work on the four-lane project on Kings Road, Suva, between Rewa Bridge and 9-Miles was still on track for the end of June and once those works were completed, they would then be shifting their focus on to Princes Road.

He said there were severely damaged sections on that road that would be completely renewed.

He added work was envisaged to start in July.

Mr Moore said that during the carriageway repairs to the worst sections of the Princes Road, they would be closing the worst affected sections of Princes Road in July to carry out resurfacing works, but would maintain two-way traffic for local access wherever possible.

Commuters into Suva will be encouraged to use the Kings Road. Work on carriageway replacement along Princes Road is expected to be completed by October this year.

Once work has been completed on Princes Road, the team will then move to Ratu Dovi Road to carry out similar work on the most severely damaged locations.

Mr Moore said it was important that members of the public understood that by working on individual roads sequentially, the FRA was striving to minimise disruptions throughout the city.

Several other locations around Suva have been severely damaged through the recent severe weather and the FRA will continue to repair those affected areas.

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