FRA clears the air

China Railway workers on a project at Maravu settlement at 4 miles, Nabua. Picture: FILE

THE Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) chief executive officer Jonathan Moore has cleared the air surrounding the contract termination of China Railway First Group for the work between 9 miles and Rewa Bridge in Nausori.

Mr Moore said the termination was only for China Railway First Group on the project.

“It is not a wholesale ban on China Railway First Group. This only applies to a single project. There is no other contractor from overseas involved whatsoever. We are still working with China Railway Fourteen and China Railway Fifth. We are still working with these organisations and other international contractors as well,” Mr Moore said.

“People are also concerned about the cost of the termination. Under the terms of contract we have, we will end up paying no more to the two replacement contractors then what we would have paid to China Railway First Group to achieve the same goal.”

He said FRA’s goal was to finish the project by the middle of next year and have it opened by June.

“We are on track to achieve this. There will be no additional costs to our budget compared with what it would have been if China Railway First Group had achieved it by June next year as well,” he said.

“The reason why we went through the termination phase is because we did not believe that the contractor was making sufficient progress in spite of many efforts to assist. It was a drastic step to take but it was necessary.”

He said terminating a contract was not an easy thing to do and FRA was doing everything they could to make sure that staff members from China Railway First Group would be given an opportunity to be employed with the two new contractors for the work.

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