Former staff urges Government to reconsider closing Fiji Embassy in Washington DC

The Fijian parliament. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJIAN PARLIAMENT

The closing of the Fiji Embassy in Washington DC is a major shift in foreign policy.

Nirmal Singh, a former senior staff of the United States Embassy in Suva, has urged the Government to reconsider its decision to close the Embassy.

‘United States is of strategic importance to Fiji and the region in terms of trade and regional security,” he said.

“Closure of Fiji Embassy in the United States and keeping the Fijian Embassy in Beijing sends an ambiguous message of major shift in foreign policy priorities of the Fijian government.”

He said Fiji exports about $400m worth of goods to the US annually.

“Fiji is regarded as the leader of pacific islands block in Washington and was always expected to spearhead the interest of Pacific Islands within the US Government hierarchy.”

“United States is also Fiji’s strategic defense and security partner.”

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