Forever begins today…..Purple reign

Mr and Mrs Magnus. Picture: Infinity Photography

THE love story of Thomas Ratu Isoa Lutukiwai Magnus and Ellen Charlonne Jasmine Magnus (Stolz) is a simple yet a beautiful one built on their profound faith in God engraved in trust, love and care.

It is an account of two people who found one another and decided to make a life-long commitment to be there for one another and grown strong in their daily relationship and in their relationship with God.

In December last year, the Lautoka couple decided to seal their four year relationship in a beautiful church wedding followed by a reception attended by close family members, relatives and close friends.

It was not just a grand celebration for the couple but the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife on this Earth.

Mr Magnus, a senior investment adviser with Investment Fiji and his wife, the communications coordinator at Tourism Fiji, were introduced to each other in 2012 by a friend and their friendship grew over the years before they finally decided three years later that they were just the perfect couple for each other.

“When we first met, I immediately noticed that he was very patient and kind. He wasn’t a show-off and gave me the impression that he was serious about our relationship – it’s almost as if he knew something I didn’t,” Mrs Magnus shared.

“It was only years later that I found out that he was in love with me from the very beginning while I was still trying to see if he was ‘the one’.

“Well …. First I noticed was how beautiful she was! Apart from her beauty she has a huge heart and was always willing to help people. She’s a very bold, outspoken and intelligent young lady. She was someone that knew what she wanted and always spoke her mind which is what I loved about her,” Mr Magnus said.

Their relationship bloomed well and as they developed a true love for another, they decided to embark on their first trip to Taveuni to meet Mrs Magnus’s family.

This trip was probably a blessing in disguise as he proposed to his bride-to-be shortly afterwards. On December last year, the couple took the bold desicion to seal their relationship in a church wedding and let their loved ones witness their profound relationship in a simple, yet intimate wedding day.

“It was hard because we both come from very big families, but we tried all our best to make it happen.

“While we lived in Suva, we attended First Assembly of God Church in Suva on Robertson Road and when we moved to Lautoka, we chose that church as the place for us to tie the knot. It’s a small, beautiful church in the corner and from the first time we visited, that hold so much significance for me as my grandmother and family used to go to that church.

“Before we got married, we attended a few classes with our pastor at the church in Suva. The classes not only explained what marriage was all about but also helped prepare us for what God has in store for our marriage.”

The couple found the classes very helpful and the advice came in very handy with their favourite piece of advice about the triangle – God at the head and them at the base which basically stated that the closer they get to God, the more they seek Him, the closer they will grow as a couple.

As nervous as they both were on their big wedding day, Mr Magnus shared the entire wedding was special for him and one that he would never forget especially seeing his wife in her wedding dress as the doors opened and she walked in with her father, Peter Young.

With the assistance of her mother, the bride managed to purchase her dress and shoes online while cousin, Florrie from France bought her veil online which was complemented by pee-toe ivory shoes with some beautiful embroidery on it while their reception wear was a Hawaiian style kalavata dress and shirt.

The groom got a new white shirt for the wedding and the groomsmen wore waistcoats and pants with purple ties.

Being the kind and down to earth couple they are, they wanted their guests to be comfortable so they encouraged an island theme night at the reception.

“The colour theme for our wedding was our favourite colours – purple and green.

“We wanted our guests to be comfortable, so we weren’t strict with what they wore and encouraged an island theme night.”

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