FNRL thanks sponsor for its support

Picture: FILE

FIJI National Rugby League is proud to be associated with Vodafone Fiji Ltd for over 10 years since its first signing in 2007.

To show their token of appreciation FNRL management hosted their major sponsor on a morning tea yesterday morning.

Acting chief executive officer Don Natabe thanked their sponsors for supporting them for the past years.

“Our partnership has provided many Fijians with the opportunity to experience Fijian rugby league events and programs,” he said.

“Through the support of Vodafone, FNRL has delivered to many communities across Fiji.

“I’d like to think that the amount of investment that Vodafone has done directly to the sport Fijian rugby league equates to the amount of talents that currently exist in the rugby arena (Eroni Sau, Apimeleki Tuimaba, Maika Sivo, Bill Kikau, Mika Ravaiele, and Jone Wesele as notable few).”

He added that through their major sponsors they were able to reconnect with players overseas.

“Our partnership has also reconnected Vodafone Fiji Bati players our Fijian heritage living abroad to reconnect with their vanua (place of origin).

“FNRL celebrates this unique partnership knowing that players and officials out of the Vodafone sponsored programs and products have been able to invest back into Fiji by enriching their lives and that of their families, clubs and communities.

“All our clubs, players and communities join voices with the board in congratulating Vodafone on reaching their 25th year of providing service.”

Vodafone Fiji chief commercial officer Rajnesh Prasad thanked FNRL for the support.

“Thank you FNRL for such a beautiful gesture. Our partnership grows on strong 13 years and on.

“With our partnership we see the sport grow from grassroots, to national and international level. Our aim has been to see the sport grow and together we see to that.

“We continue our bond with the sport and through FNRL we are able to season the new players to further their passion for national wins and even careers.”

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