FNPF pursues strategy to strengthen corporate culture

THE Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) will pursue a strategy to strengthen the corporate culture of the Fund by identifying the right work values and behaviours to nurture a culture of stewardship, says FNPF chairperson Ajith Kodagoda.

Mr Kodagoda said those would be reinforced by setting the right policies and environment to support this new culture.

He said the Fund had also engaged a leadership team from within and outside the organisation, with diverse experience and knowledge to deliver those strategic priorities.

“We will upskill our workers and provide the right environment for them to grow and excel. This will set us up well to increase the pace of execution in 2018 and the results will deliver real value for our members.”

Mr Kodagoda said their achievements were a reflection of the hard work, commitment and sacrifice of FNPF employee at all levels.

“I thank my fellow directors for their advice, loyalty and support during the year,” he added.

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