FMA ‘Deckhand Fishing programme’ pioneering students graduate

The students from Fiji Maritime Academy (FMA) after their graduation in the Deck Hand Fishing Program today. Picture: RAMA

A TOTAL of 28 students from the Fiji National University’s Fiji Maritime Academy are the pioneer graduates for the Deckhand Fishing programme and were awarded with their certificates today.

In an interview with The Fiji Times principal lecturer safety and survival, Captain Tevita Robanakadavu said the students went through safety training and deckhand fishing with the duration of the programme running for a month.

“This group is the first group to go through this training and it’s the first time to be offered her for your information it is under the STCW-F 1995 this is for the fishing industry,” Capt Robanakadavu said.

He said this training programme was the first of its kind to be offered in FMA.

“If you look at the current fishermen on board fishing vessels now they haven’t gone through any training of this kind that is offered here.,” he said.

“They have experience in fish processing, in fish handling and fishing techniques. SO they have the experience, on the job training but not in a maritime institution.”

Capt Robanakadavu is encouraging school leavers who are still choosing a career path to look into the fishing industry because it has potential.

World Wide Fund For Nature Pacific in statement said an additional 18 students have commenced with the program today as well.

“The 46 students are all on scholarships (tuition only) through WWF Pacific’s ‘Developing Sustainable and Responsible Tuna Longline Fisheries in Fiji’ project that is funded by New Zealand Aid’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and WWF New Zealand, ” WWF said.

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