FLP to prioritise pension issues if they form government

FLP's Aman Singh speaks to villagers in Nakama on Monday night. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

WHILE other political parties have focused on protecting institutions, Fiji Labour Party aims to protect individual Fijians and their interests.

These were the words of FLP’s parliamentary leader Aman Ravindra-Singh while responding to concerns from retired servicemen at Nakama Village regarding broken promises for the increase of their pensions.

A villager and former serviceman, who wished to remain anonymous, said despite promises to increase their pensions was nothing done considering that soldiers had dedicated their live to safeguarding the national security of the country.

According to the villager, some of his comrades they had served with in peacekeeping missions have died and still nothing had been done about their pensions.

Mr Singh told the villager that Fijian soldiers were always abandoned in their time of need when they give their all to serve their country.

“This should not be happening at all and this is one of the issues that we want to look into if we get into Parliament,” he said.

“As a party FLP is focused at protecting the interests of persons because we are a socialite movement.

“We believe in the power of the people and giving them the freedom to express themselves through their idea and freedom.

“This is why FLP is focused on promoting fair wages, workers’ rights and the freedom of trade unions something that workers of this country have been denied for a long time now.”

Mr Singh said that FLP would also restore Fiji National Provident Fund pensions cuts.

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