FLP promises to hold municipal elections

Fiji Labour Party parliamentary leader Aman Ravindra-Singh. Picture: FT FILE

FIJI Labour Party parliamentary leader Aman Ravindra-Singh says the party will hold local government elections within the first six months if it forms the next government.

Mr Singh said there had been no local government elections for the past 12 years.

“As a matter of fact, people of Fiji have been denied their right to freely elect their own representatives for local towns and city councils,” Mr Ravindra-Singh said.

“This is a denial of democracy at a local government level. Also, the government of the day had gone and hyped up about giving democracy to the people of Fiji, however, they have failed to mention that they have denied people of the country democracy at local government level. This is a serious concern for the FLP.”

He claimed the government was scared to dissolve power at the local government level to other political parties.

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