Find balance in everything you do in life: Tabuya

Opposition MP Lynda Tabuya (middle), Ridhi Sharma (left) and Elenoa Rokoyala during the International Womans day celebration facilitated by the Fiji Trades Union Congress women's wing today. Picture: RAMA

CLOSE to 40 trade union women activists were part of the Fiji Trade Union Congress international women’s day celebration in Suva today.

Social Democratic Liberal Party MP Lynda Tabuya reminded participants to find balance in everything they do in life.

She also reminded them to reconcile with their past and to always be thankful to the women that assisted them to reach their life goals.

“I had hit rock bottom in life where the only way is to move up. So I reached a point in life where I was helpless but with the support of sisters, aunties and mother pulled me through,” Ms Tabuya said.

She said it had always been her dream to be the voice of people living in poverty and joining Parliament was the only place where she could achieve that dream.

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