Fiji teenager launches romantic album

Fiji teenager Meghna Goundar, 16, launched her first new romantic album called "Kya Ho Gaya" at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva on Sunday, March 10, 2019. Picture: RAMA

FIJI born and raised Meghna Goundar, 16, yesterday launched her first new romantic album called Kya Ho Gaya.

In an interview during the launch in Suva yesterday, Goundar said she drew her inspiration from her family and she started singing at the age of four.

“It all started with my dad. Since we belonged to a musical family, we used to have band practices for concerts so with that environment I got interested in music,” she said.

She said her album was not confined to only one genre of music.

“There are five songs in this new album all of which are romantic so there isn’t a specific category intended for this album, however, the songs reflect a teenager’s life,” she said.

Goundar’s advice to other young people looking to pursue a career in music was not to give up on their dreams.

“My aim for doing all this is to encourage the younger ones who are interested but are lacking some effort, my aim is to encourage them to take a step forward and not be discouraged,” she said.

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