Fiji handed over Chairmanship of UNDRR support group

Fiji’s PRUN in Geneva, Ambassador Nazhat Shameem. Picture: SUPPLIED.

“Fiji had a very fruitful term with all its priorities as set out at the start of its tenure as Chair and UNDRR will continue to count on Fiji for support and leadership in the future.”

These were the words of Director of the UN Office Disaster Risk Reduction Kirsi Madi.

According to a statement by the Fijian government, Fiji has marked its successful Chairmanship of the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Support Group following its leadership at the UN Human Rights Council and for playing the vice presidency role at UNHRC Bureau.

Upon the successful completion of Fiji’s chairmanship on UNDRR for 1 year, the role was handed over to Finland this week.

Fiji’s leadership role on UNDRR Support Group has been coordinated by Fiji’s Permanent Representatives to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan and the team at the Fiji Mission in Geneva.

In reflecting on Fiji’s successful leadership, Ms Madi conveyed her highest gratitude and appreciation to Fiji for its excellent commitment and passion in steering the UNDRR Support Group forward.

The UNDRR Support Group played an active role in ensuring that the outcomes of the meetings were fed into global agendas on Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

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