FICAC ceases USP investigation

USP. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fiji Independent Commissions Against Corruption as of July 1 has advised the University of the South Pacific Chair of the Council that they have ceased their investigation as the allegations were administrative in nature being purported non-compliance with relevant procedures.

This was highlighted in a statement released by USP yesterday which stated that an unauthorised reference of the allegations by some USP staff to FICAC was premature as internal investigations provided for by USP policies had not taken place.

“These were the allegations submitted by the Vice-Chancellor and President (VCP) Professor Pal Ahluwalia to the Executive Committee of the Council and which the Committee had asked its Assurance and Compliance Director to investigate and return with a full report, including obtaining the explanations of those being accused,” the university said in a statement.

FICAC has also stated that it respects the decision by the Council to engage an independent investigator to carry out its own investigations into the allegations.

“FICAC will retain all the records in safe custody and upon request will deliver the material to the independent investigator. Staff and students who have been protesting will be able to make their case to the independent investigators who will be commencing their work next week.”

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