FEO receives MOG final report on 2018 General Election

Multinational Observer Group (MOG) co-chairs delivering their interim statement during the 2018 General Election, from left to right, Wajid Fauzilicture, Mukesh Chandra Sahu and Jane Prentice. Picture: FT FILE/AQELA SUSU

THE Multinational Observer Group’s (MOG) final report on the 2018 General Election has been submitted to the Fijian Elections Office (FEO).

In a statement Supervisor of Elections Mr Saneem acknowledged receiving the report saying “We have received the official report and we are now going through it before we are able to make detailed comments at a later date.”

“However, we do recognise that the MOG has found that the 2018 General Election was fair and credible and that it reflected the will of the Fijian people,”  Mr Saneem said.

“I’d like to convey appreciation to the Co-Chairs of MOG together with the sponsor countries as well as all the observers who attended the 2018 General Election as part of the Multinational Observer Group,” he said.

“We also note that the Multinational Observer Group found that conditions were in place for Fijians to exercise their right freely, which means that the conditions for a free and fair election were met in the 2018 General Election.

“Like any major logistics exercise, like an election there are recommendations which we will give due consideration to, analyse and assess the applicability and usefulness. That is the FEO position on the MOG Report.”

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