Father of three jailed for murder of wife

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A father of three was told by the High Court that he was a coward for launching an unprovoked attack on his wife that led to her death back in 2016.

Justice Sunil Sharma made the comment while sentencing Serupi Baba to mandatory life imprisonment for one count of murder with a minimum term of 18 years to be served before the accused may be considered for a pardon.

Baba was found guilty by the court on July 23, 2020, of one count of murder and convicted accordingly.

The court had heard that Baba had heard rumours of his wife having an affair and without establishing the truth, visited his wife at her workplace and lured her home by lying to her that their son was involved in an accident.

When they reached home, he assaulted her and left her in an unconscious state. His wife died in hospital due to severe head injuries that had caused a stroke on the left side of her brain, and then septicemia due to bed sores.

In mitigation, the court heard that the man was 29-years-old at the time of the offending, he was a first offender and that he was looking after three children who were under 18-years-old, and that he had a construction business employing 26 people.

The court noted the aggravating factors, including the unprovoked attack, breach of trust, and the planning involved.

“Mr Baba, you are a coward, the unprovoked attack on the defenceless victim was gruesome, callous, and heartless. You left her lying in an unconscious state the assaults were so intense that your immediate neighbour was uncomfortable and afraid when she heard the screams of the deceased,” Justice Sharma said.

“A family has lost a valuable member and your three children have lost their mother at a young age due to your selfish acts. Imagine the pain and suffering the deceased had to endure as a result of your assaults.

“You cannot be forgiven for what you have done. An innocent life has been lost there is no justification for the taking away of another life in such circumstances.

“The purpose of a minimum term is to assure the community and the public at large that offenders for such an offence serve a definite and meaningful period of imprisonment. A murder committed with an intention to kill should attract a longer minimum term of imprisonment than murder by recklessness.”

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