FASANOC annual meeting discusses long term commitment

FASANOC chief executive officer Lorraine Mar. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU/FT FILE

ONE of the main issues discussed at the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic committee annual general meeting on Tuesday night is their commitment to achieving a long term development plan.

FASANOC chief executive office Lorraine Mar said there was a need for FASANOC and its national federations to focus or to pay more importance to long term planning.

“We know that we have games every year and we prepare for those games, but the main priority is the need for every athlete to have a secured plan as what lies ahead of them,” Mar said.

“For the athletes, those games throughout the year are actually a pathway for them. We are trying our national federations to adopt a concept called the Long term athlete development to help our athletes.

“It begins from when they are born, how they are brought up and how the parents set their mindset in raising their children on being physically active so that they are healthy.

“FASANOC has been working towards the long term planning for the past years and have come a long way setting out strategic planning building the capacity of their our staff.”

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