Farmers taste success

Eremodo Sigani with dried grog at the settlement. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THEY are 20 successful grog farmers with 14 vehicles cashed from suppliers and about $1 million worth of grog remain on their farms at a settlement in Cakaudrove.

For this young group of farmers in their 20s, grog farming has become sweeter each day and is the major source of income that has improved their livelihoods.

The 14 vehicles, purchased cost between $26,000 and $92,000.

Ray, Nadavaci Village headman in Natewa is part of this group and he has described their success as a commitment that has transformed many lives in the village.

“We started farming since secondary school days and some of us started from primary school and all that hard work has paid off for us,” he said.

“One advantage in this area is that we don’t experience the increasing grog theft cases that many farmers in Navonu and Nakobo are facing.

“We don’t have good qualifications in the academic field but we are doing well with our farms and supporting our families well.”

The young farmers have also built their own concrete houses and for those whose children are in secondary school, they have also started their own grog farms.

Mr Alosio said training their children from a young age to know the importance of using their natural resources was part of the team’s development plan. “We started farming grog at a young age so we are also teaching our children to plant grog, vegetables, crops and basically to know that the land has a lot of riches,” he said.

“The land has empowered us economically and this is why we are teaching our children to realise the importance of having natural resources.

“We also support our wives with their club projects and we believe that when we work together, nothing is impossible to achieve.”

Another farmer, Eremodo Sigani has returned to the village to do his own farming.

“I used to live in Nadi and had a table at the market where I sold grog but I decided to come back home because we get more money from the farm,” he said.

“I get to save my monthly rent, transport cost and other bills that I used to take care of in Nadi. I get more money now directly from my farm and save as well.”

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