Farmers benefit

Fulton Hogan Hiways compacting the Natewa West Coast road. Picture: SUPPLIED

COPRA farmers living along the Natewa West Coast are expected to have easy access to their market after the completion of roadworks being carried out by the Fiji Roads Authority.

A statement from the FRA contractor Fulton Hogan Hiways yesterday, spot metalling upgrading was being carried out on the road and according to FHH’s Savusavu depot manager Isaac Rakabikabi, there are approximately 15 different sections undergoing upgrades.

According to the statement there are more than 100 copra farmers who will benefit from the upgrade.

It said works on the 30-kilometre road include grading the road, forming a cross-fall for surface water to flow off (mainly to prevent potholes), compaction works by roller, and the final grading process to smooth the road surface. Natewa West Coast road is off Buca Bay Rd and is 42 kilometres away from Savusavu Town.

“All 15 sections are 150-200 metres in length and a crew of six are currently working on the spots,” Mr Rakabikabi said.

“We are trying to be more proactive.

“As we are approaching the cyclone season, there will be more rain and we have identified the frail spots that are usually affected by rain that result in huge potholes,” he said.

Natewa West Coast Road serves Drano Village, Nabua Village, Tabia, Vuinadi, Korotasere and a few copra settlements.

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