Family left homeless after fire destroys home

Sanjay Kishore Chand with his wife Parbhashni Lata inside their house which was destroyed by fire in Natabua Lautoka last Saturday. Picture: REINAL CHAND

A FAMILY of four in Natabua, Lautoka, is now homeless after their three-bedroom house was destroyed by fire last weekend.

House owner Sanjay Chand said he lost about $70,000 in the fire.

He also claimed that the blaze was started by a disgruntled relative.

His wife, Parbhashni Lata, who was at home when the fire started, said she heard glass break in one of the bedrooms.

“When I went to the room, I saw someone pouring benzene on to my son’s bed,” she claimed.

“I started to scream for the person to stop and ran to get help. When I came back the house was on fire.”

Two university students who were tenants also lost all their belongings.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed a report was lodged on Saturday evening.

Ms Naisoro said while there were no injuries reported, the estimated cost of damage was $30,000.

Investigations into the incident are continuing.

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