Face-lift for Hilton school playground

U.S Embassy to Fiji Charge d'Affaires Michael Goldman along with other staff members helping out in the building of the Hilton Early Intervention Centre . Picture: VILIMAINA NAQELEVUKI /FILE

THE Early Intervention Centre Hilton House playground in Suva will now have a new look, thanks to the assistance of the US Embassy in Fiji.

The embassy gave a grant worth $6500 for materials and provided labor for the playground project yesterday.

Embassy charge d’affaires, Michael Goldman said the funds available by the Department of State was to assist charitable organisations.

“So we have funds available at the Department of State to help charitable organisations and civic organisations and our local employee association got together with the Americans and we talked to a bunch of different schools and community groups,” Mr Goldman said.

“We decided this one was doing excellent work for kids with special needs under the age of eight and that they were doing a fantastic job and they just needed their playground and it was something that we could do with love and with attention.”

Mr Goldman acknowledged the great work the centre was doing for students with special needs.

“The $6500, that’s just for the material then of course we are putting in all the labour, love and attention,” he said.

“I’d like to commend all the great work that the the Hilton Early Intervention Center is doing in this school and we’re so delighted and happy to be able to help.”

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