Eyes on the school prize

The intermediate boys 100 metres fi nal during the Marist Champagnat Institute inter-house competition at the ANZ Stadium, Suva, yesterday. Picture: RAMA

MARIST Champagnat Institute held its inter-house competition yesterday with the aim of encouraging full participation in physical activity at the ANZ Stadium in Laucala Bay, Suva.

About 130 students from the school represented the three houses; Red, Blue and Green in field and track events.

PEMAC department teacher Ritesh Prasad said it was important for students to not only compete for a medal, but to get themselves physically active.

“We don’t have many students in the school which is why we only have three houses,” he said.

“We also don’t have much competition, so this meet is actually an encouragement to the students to have full participation in events.

“We have students in the school who have disabilities, but that does not mean we exclude them from events. Everyone takes part and we encourage them to at least take two or three events.”

Prasad said the school was also preparing a few prospective athletes for the Zone One competition.

“We do not have competition between athletes because we are a small school. In the past years we have had athletes competing in the annual Coca-Cola Games.

“We encourage our athletes to take part and display their best performance. There have been numerous times where we have taken part in the Coca-Cola Games, but unfortunately we have not won any medals. This year we hope we go into the zone competition to qualify for the games.”

The school is preparing a small team for the Zone One competition later next month.

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