Ministry explains asphalt environmental safety operations of road contractor

THE Ministry of Environment last week organised a meeting for those living near the asphalt plan in Suva to explain the environmental safety of its operations.

In a statement, Fulton Hogan Hiways highlighted concerns expressed by the ministry about the smoke emissions coming from the plant, which some felt may be harmful to their health.

FHH general manager Partick Keenan said the company’s commitment to safety did not just involve road works and people but the machinery and the communities in which it operated.

“For six years in operation in Fiji, we have set high standards that have underscored this commitment. It is the way we do business,” Mr Keenan said.

“We will continue an open dialogue with those concerned,” he said.

However, he added they hoped that through the Department of Environment’s research and their¬†expertise, they had shown how safe the plant was.

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