‘Enough vaccine in stock’

National Advisor Communicable Disease Dr. Aalisha Sahukhan speaks to the media. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU/FILE

THE Ministry of Health and Medical Services has enough stock of measles vaccinations.

This is the word from the ministry’s head of health protection, Dr Aalisha Sahukhan.

She said the ministry had about 50,000 vaccines in stock for their routine vaccination for children who were six months and older.

“We offer two doses of vaccines to children every year, that means we have to have in stock at least close to 50,000 vaccines just for that routine vaccination,” she said.

“We have brought in additional stock of vaccination in addition to that routine vaccination, we have in stock 90,000 and they will be used in response to the outbreak.”

Dr Sahukhan said since the outbreak was confined to the Serua/Namosi division, anyone over the age of six months had access to these vaccinations.

“For the rest of the country, children have received two doses of the vaccine.

“If you’re travelling to Serua/Namosi you have access to the vaccine. If you’re travelling internationally, you also have access to the vaccine.

“As time progresses this will be reviewed, however, right now we are telling everyone that these are the segments of the population who have access to the free vaccine.”

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