Elderly couple vote for road

Amani Qamuqata 78 and wife Kalara Naimole, 75 show their inked fingers after casting their votes at Narokorokoyawa village. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

Since Fiji gained independence, 78-year-old Amani Qamuqata and his wife Kalara Naimole, 75, have voted in all elections, hoping the government of the day will construct a road to their village.

The eldest couple in Narokorokoyawa Village in the district of Noemalu, located in the upper reaches of the Wainimala River, have been married for the past 55 years.

“Our elders who had been asking for a road have died and until today we are still waiting for the road.

“The Prime Minister has returned here twice and we have kept asking when will the road be constructed,” said Mr Qamuqata.

“It’s a hard life for us, the women, when we want to go and deliver our baby we have to go right to Vunidawa,” said Mrs Naimole, a mother of five.

“We hope by voting today, the next government will think of us and construct our road,” said Mr Qamuqata Korovou Village headman Ratu Jone Raravisa said he had made numerous visits to government offices in Vunidawa and in the Capital City, but nothing had been forthcoming.

“We are accustomed to all the false promises and all the lies, the moment we see the tractor reach us that’s when we know the road will finally reach us.”

Questions sent to the Office of the Prime Minister last Friday remain unanswered.

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